Stock management and product preservation: 
unbeatable food product know-how

We specialise in food logistics with real-time control services and the possibility of coordinating production and shelf life. We have extensive experience in recurring event products with specific warehouses and flows.

All our sites are HACCP certified and we provide computerized management services for expiration dates (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO) and last product shipment dates (TUS), according to each single customer’s requests.



Differentiated distribution and returnable empty containers, from LRT to

We provide differential and extensive logistics services to meet specific beverage product needs: from the alcoholic product fiscal warehouse to organising recurring events or seasonal activities, to differentiated product distribution from LRT to

We also provide returnable empty containers pick-up service, with differentiated management by type.



Distribution for every channel

From LRT to traditional retail, from specialised wholesalers to local pharmacy shelves: the know-how we’ve gained lets us make deliveries to meet the special needs of any channel.



Guaranteed safety and traceability

We have gained leadership in the baby food sector (80% of the market) that allows us to guarantee correct and attentive product management, from warehousing to distribution in LRT channels up to pharmacies in the remotest locations.



Custom and multi-channel logistics

We know and efficiently manage specific Pet Food logistic demands: special packaging that requires careful warehousing and preparation on vehicles, specific labelling among similar references, multi-channel deliveries that range from distribution to single breeding farms to veterinaries to specialised stores.



Specialised in outsourcing and integrated supply chain

Over the years we have gained expertise in managing outsourcing processing in the world of the Large-scale Retail Trade (LRT).

We have implemented integrative actions between various chain players with sequential process that have greater optimisation potential than separately managing the various Supply Chain links, in addition to making logistics performance on single production factors (handling, warehousing and distribution) more efficient.