Supply Chain efficiency and sustainability.

Number1 is always proactive and flexible on the market: it continually develops projects aimed at improving supply chain efficiency and optimization.

Continual optimization and innovation.

For the priority projects we develop, we exploit Number1’s main assets: client portfolio and critical mass of volumes and flows.

The fields of application of the projects are:

World of network planning and design

Supply Chain visibility

Administrative processes


Syncro and Iper Syncro projects

Daily operational collaboration.

Through these projects, we define a fixed-day calendar of deliveries on GD, which makes it possible to optimize distribution and achieve a number of advantages.


Groupage, with a reduction in the number of deliveries and simplified offloading at distribution centres.


More reliable services


Increase in direct deliveries with an impact on accuracy and a potential reduction in delivery times


Levelling of delivery volumes thanks to peak management


Shared dedicated slots


Improved production capacity management at distribution centres (handling) and 3PL (transport)


Less environmental impact

Desadv Project

Advanced IT integration

Project for the IT integration of product information that makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the entire logistics process through the dematerialisation of documents, with a significant impact on environmental sustainability.


Simplified pallet composition preparation, with a reduction in customizations


Greater saturation of the stacked pallet combination transported


Greater fluidity and speed in checking and unloading at distribution centres


Reduction of flow times

Large-scale Retail Distribution

Collaboration with Large-scale Retail: a valuable partnership.

Thanks to the verticality of our business, the volumes handled and the presence of a dedicated team, we enjoy a preferential relationship with the large-scale retail distribution sector meaning we can overcome external factors that limit the ability to offer great service, with a positive impact on performance.


Improvement and stability of service levels


Flexibility management


Efficiency in terms of simplification, integration and synchronization

Number1 Online Web

Technological innovation supporting processes

A web platform is constantly evolving that integrates services for our clients, suppliers and providers and to support internal company processes.

Number1 Online App

In order to guarantee near real time proof of delivery we have designed Number1 Online App in house.

The App used by drivers features:

Integration with Google Maps for location and route definition

Communication of key information for carrying out trips (stops, waybills, notes, etc.)

POD near real time

Periodical alignment with TMS.

Transporter Portal

The Transporter Portal has been specially designed to simplify the exchange of information between primary transport providers and the company and today is a direct and preferential communication channel.

For a clear picture of the trips entrusted, offering the possibility to use information regarding the trip, stops and waybills

Checking the outcome of deliveries

Monitoring the progress of trips allocated

Managing operational transport processes in a structured and automated manner

Keeping personal data up to date

Fleet Management System

Our fleet is entirely covered by a satellite system. Thanks to the GPS systems installed and integrated with other Number1 systems, we are able to process and issue logistics and security information 24/7.


Driving style

Fuel consumption

Temperature of refrigerated semi-trailers

State of trucks

Alarm management

Let's talk about your company.

Our team of experts is always on hand to help you plan, design and optimize your company’s supply chain.

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