Our services

Highly specialised services for grocery supply companies

We play a key role in the supply chain upstream and downstream from the production process.

We offer services that range from stock management and packing and packaging material restocking to complete pallet management with delivery, pick-up and maintenance in certified repair centres.

We manage the Supply Chain with an overall view to optimize every aspect in close partnership with customers to provide specialised, optimised and custom services.


A dynamic, timely, flexible and green fleet

We offer our customers a fleet made up of 130 tractors and 480 semi-trailers that covers 50% of our customers’ daily one thousand trips. We make more than 1.7 million deliveries a year servicing over 100,000 customers.

Our fleet is

  • specialised, and excludes any goods incompatibility problem;
  • attentive to the environment, optimises trips, mainly travels at full load and is equipped with reduced emission engines:
  • attentive to road safety, with specific training for drivers even in association with the Highway Police;
  • attentive to product safety, thanks to a satellite localisation and control system controlled by a direct 24/h operating centre;
  • managed with synergy and efficiently, with the assistance of routing and order management IT systems.
  • monitored by a control centre, that receives and manages moving and standing vehicle safety signals over the entire distribution network, in direct communication with Police Forces.


Everywhere and Anywhere

Our network – made up of hubs, transit points and factory warehouses – is equipped with the latest technologies to manage stock and goods transit.

Our warehousing system guarantees efficient production, fiscal and recurring event warehouse management. We also offer high added value services such as pallet and returnable empty container management for the beverage sector, product recall service and Short Shelf Life lot pick up.

All our warehouses are equipped with Voice technology and meet HACCP protocols, fully guaranteeing food product management and transit.
Warehouse automation thanks to LGV technology (Laser Guided Vehicle) provides benefits such as higher storage volumes, reduced damages and lower inventory discrepancies.

We also manage factory and end line warehouses for numerous and leading manufacturers, with increasingly closer ties between production and logistics.

Integrated logistics

Shortening the supply chain and increasing  the value for the customer

We are one of the largest and most innovative integrated logistics service providers and provide warehouse, transport and handling management.

We optimise goods flows by planning, implementing and controlling all Supply Chain phases, with benefits for our customers such as reduced purchase, storage, transport and distribution costs and higher delivery schedule reliability.

Pallet pooling

Economies of scale and simplified processes

Our expertise in the Grocery world and distribution channels lets us exploit pallet recovery and management in terms of economies of scale.

We pool over 5,500,000 pallets for our customers with significant advantages in terms of cost reduction and process simplification.


Packaging and deliveries: a service that “makes the difference”

We offer co-packing services to our customers, integrating, with prompt and flexible warehousing, packaging and deliveries to perfectly control schedules and materials.

Our services include: display preparation, promotion management, special package assembly with several items, recurring event packages, repacking, quarter pallet preparations, product preparation and differentiation for higher visibility at the point of sale and to meet specific promotional needs.


From the storage of goods to the packaging for the consumer: complete outsourcing

We help our customers in the creation and preparation of any type of re-packaging

We design, create and prepare displays for our customers and delivery them to the point of sale intact and complete.

We guarantee the highest market standards in terms of speed and accuracy thanks to specific and totally automated re-packaging lines.

Consulting & Engineering

“Tailor made” logistics

We offer our customers specialised consulting to creates logistic projects designed to meet each company’s needs, through two internal consulting and engineering business units.

Customer Solution is the new business unit that designs optimised projects to accurately and proactively meet the needs of new partnerships or new services.

Warehouse Process Engineering is the business unit that constantly analyses warehousing processes and drafts optimisation strategies (organisational, technology and business) striving to continuously improve.

IT systems

The strategic advantage of information

We have IT systems that let us manage and support large amounts of information and data, allowing us to plan and complete approximately 1000 daily trips and handling.

Running 24/7, the IT systems guarantee that all logistics activities are controlled and supported with technologies and services for Disaster Recovery.

IT systems make warehouse management more efficient thanks to the use of Voice Picking, order preparation via voice command, and radio frequency systems. Furthermore, they simplify communications between the various supply chain players through more than 350 distinct data integration flows.


Constant control along the entire supply chain

Our Security function, according to the new UNI 1459:2015 standard, guarantees business and corporate asset governance and coordinates risk and emergency management activities in addition to audits on food, safety and food defence.

The state of the art 24/7 Control Room governs security processes and related services: it monitors security company service and performance levels, guarantees prompt intervention in the event of need and emergency, monitors security computer/technological systems (anti-intrusion, access control and video surveillance) and NUMBER 1 fleet satellite information systems.