Green 1

GREEN 1 is a system project that concerns various NUMBER 1 business aspects from the transport sector to emission control and warehouse energy savings focusing on the sustainable growth of the logistics chain.

We continuously invest in renewing our fleet, privileging lower emission technologies and including methane powered vehicles. We have put transport optimisation policies in place to promote fully-loaded vehicles and shorter distances.

Emission control and monitoring
We have implemented a reporting system for some environmental parameters included in business KPIs. We constantly monitor vehicles and warehouses through a certified calculation system to check and publish our impacts.

Warehouse energy savings
We have reduced heated areas inside warehouses and equipped more than half of our hubs with photovoltaic panels on the roofs and led lighting systems.

“Lean&Green” and “Supply Chain h24”
Focusing on sustainable growth, we have adhered to the international “Lean&Green” project that aims to promote sustainable logistics by reducing CO2 emissions and limiting costs.

We also developed “Supply Chain h24”, a project that introduces an industrial type business model, through planning, dispatch, loading and transport within 24 hours, with benefits for services and environmental sustainability.