Environmental sustainability

GREEN1 Project

GREEN1 is a systems project that concerns various aspects – from the transport sector, to the control of emissions, through to energy saving in warehouses – with a view to ensuring sustainable development of the logistics chain.

Green transportation and emissions calculations

We invest constantly in renewing our vehicle fleet, favouring technologies with lower emissions and including many vehicles that run on methane.

We have adopted transport optimization policies that favour full loads and shorter distances.

Use of Euro6 and LNG vehicles and electric vehicles (for city logistics)

Calculation of CO2 and PM10 emissions (ton/km)

Synchro project, VIC project and on-site co-packing

Green warehousing

We have reduced the number of heated areas in our warehouses and have fitted most of the hubs we have available with photovoltaic panels on the roof and LED lighting systems.

CO2 emissions control

Remote management systems

Charging columns for electric vehicles

Solar panels

LED lighting and sensors

Li-ion batteries

Lean&Green and
Supply Chain h24

With a focus on sustainable development, we have joined the international “Lean&Green” project, a programme that aims to promote sustainable logistics by reducing CO2 emissions and lowering costs.

We have also developed “Supply Chain h24”, a project that introduces an industrial-type operating model, activating the planning, hiring, preparation, loading and execution of transport within 24 hours, with benefits in terms of the service offered and environmental sustainability.

RideMovi by Mobike

The RideMovi project aims to promote a new culture of green mobility, offering an increasing number of people the opportunity to get around using a sustainable transport system.

It also works with local government to support communities by providing an accessible and affordable micro-mobility system for everyone.

Number1 works in partnership with RideMovi at a corporate level and in terms of managing operations.

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