Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of our growth strategy, not just for ethical and sustainability reasons, but also for our business growth through continuous investments to promote and improve our innovative capacity.

For us, social responsibility translates into product and process innovation, attentive to sustainability and environmental protection, supporting non profit organisations and entities.


GREEN 1 is a system project that concerns different NUMBER 1 activity aspects focusing on sustainable logistics chain growth.

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We have introduced advanced technologies in the warehousing and distribution areas to increase Supply Chain productivity and efficiency.

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Syncro is a chain flow rationalisation process that improves the service, generates advantages for all chain players and provides environmental benefits.

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Banco Alimentare

In June 2013 we signed an agreement with the Fondazione Banco Alimentare committing to support the Banco Alimentare logistics activites by providing transport  for the surplus donated by food manufactures, large-scale retail companies and catering services organized by the Banco Alimentare networks.

A partnership that will allow the Banco Alimentare to benefit from significant transport cost savings, increasing  trips to recovery food  surplus by 25%, thus also improving food quality which, while provided by donors, could  not be collected before now.

Institutional relations

We have built up a solid network of institutional relations with sector associastions and research and innovation network universities and research centres.

We belong to the Unione Parmense degli Industriali in addition to the main sector associations: Assolgistica, Ailog, Anita, Freight Leaders Council.

Furthemore, we have partnered with the Milan Plytechnics Osservatorio Contract Logistics which studies the market evolution of the Contract Logistics market in Italy, analysing business spheres, players and technologies innovation.