Large-scale retail trade, massive service:
faster and cheaper delivery terms for our customers

We have extensive knowledge of the LRT channel and have the means and know-how to handle significant volumes.

We provide custom responses to specific corporate needs.
Our strengths: customized palletizing, delivery slot management according to customer need, parking optimization, delivery note digitalization, use of Despatch Advice (DESADV).

We provide our customers with the most advanced Just in Time processes (JIT) for efficient production and stock management. Thanks to our wide variety of customer, handled volumes and organizational capacity, we complete ambitious projects such as delivery synchronization.



A neighbourhood service

We service retailers and wholesalers with custom and flexible logistics able to best manage even small volumes.

We have vehicles suited for deliveries in Ecopass areas (Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles).

We manage COD payments according to a standardised and computerised process to speed up these procedures.



Widespread and differentiated service

We provide widespread and differentiated services for bars, restaurants and hotels, from large cities to small towns, even in restricted traffic and Ecopass areas.

We have close and personalised relations with thousands of providers, with services such as phone alert and delivery time scheduling.

We manage COD payments according to a standardised and computerised process to speed up these processes.



Traceability and specialisation for pharmacies and medical supply stores

We provide custom deliveries, conducting accurate controls on goods such as HACCP, for complete traceability and precise shipping and credit instrument management.

We service 11,000 pharmacies with custom deliveries in cities, suburbs, restricted traffic and Ecopass areas.





The Pet channel’s “best friend”

We guarantee prompt deliveries with services such as guaranteed notice, versatile vehicles also equipped for special unloading, porterage, payment and credit instrument management.

We pay special attention to Pet Food products with double reference checks, labelling, attention to bag preservation and production preparation on vehicles according to packaging type.

We reach over 3,000 delivery points divided between Pet Shops, breeding farms and clinics, from the down town shop to the country breeding farms.