Supply Chain innovation

Leader in Italy in logistics for the grocery sector


A range of customised services based on the specific needs of your company.

We manage the entire supply chain with an overall vision, working in close partnership with our client companies, offering customised and specialised services, in particular for the grocery sector.

Supply Chain Design

In-house Handling



Co-packing & Re-packing

Pallet pooling

Advanced CS

Temperature controlled

IT Systems


International shipments

About us

Logistics specialists in Italy.

We support our clients in their strategic supply chain choices thanks to specific technologies and know-how, offering an excellent level of services at competitive prices and always in line with changing market trends.

delivery points
volumetric weight delivered
personnel and spin-off
eco-friendly vehicles

Continual optimization and innovation.

For the priority projects we develop, we exploit Number1’s main business assets – client portfolio and critical mass of volumes and flows.

World of network planning and design

Supply Chain visibility

Administrative processes


A single, reliable partner

Continual assistance and specialist advice.

Specialist personnel and a network of absolutely reliable agents and correspondents assist clients through every shipping phase, with the aim of offering a complete service that makes it possible to save time and resources so clients can concentrate exclusively on their core business.

Let's talk about your company.

Our team of experts is always on hand to help you plan, design and optimize your company’s supply chain.

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