La Molisana Ferro Pact «You can only win with the supply chain»

Supply chain integration in a sector characterised by increasingly higher production concentration and territorial marketing actions to promote the local farming-food district and compete on the global scale together: La Molisana, the pasta manufacturer that emerged from its ashes to regain its national and international brand profile after the take over by the Ferro group in 2011, is following this strategy. Four generations of millers, the Ferro family purchased the hundred-year old pasta factory after La Molisana, surviving three bankruptcies in four years, “had disappeared from the shelves”, explained Managing Director Giuseppe Ferro.

source: CorrierEconomia date 12.10.2015

Production chain. The smart move that allowed the completion of the wheat to table production chain, was an answer to recent sector developments that “is concentrating, with increasingly larger companies”, said Ferro. At the beginning, the competition context seemed anything but favourable: “It was a mission impossible. The Italian market was already outlined, with segments already occupied”. Through repositioning and rebranding policies, with the launch of new product lines, packaging restyling and aggressive price policies, in four years the company regained ground, becoming the fourth pasta manufacturer in Italy found in 70% of Italian points of sale. The company now has 150 employees on payroll – with 23 new hires; sales are forecast between 138 and 148 million Euro for 2015. Growth was assisted by higher focus on exports: “In the first five months of 2015, sales increased by 64% abroad and 24% in Italy. We operate in 50 countries”, explained Ferro. The race to foreign markets is one of the company’s strategic goals: “The idea is to post 50% of sales abroad (now just 30-32%) and 50% in Italy”, he added. The segment with the highest growth, stated the Managing Director, “is the high quality one”. Thus, the company aims to “create an excellent product at a reasonable price: we have to be the Ferrari of pasta, with extremely high quality and beautiful packaging”, stressed Ferro. The other essential company growth strategy concerns the company’s social responsibility, focused on promoting the local area and creating an informal network of farming-food companies from Molise. “Groups of companies, areas, now compete in today’s global context instead of companies. You have to join a network to compete”, explained Rossella Ferro, La Molisana Marketing Manager and Giuseppe’s sister. Molise, however, “is still struggling to secure its position. It is often referred to as a virgin land, with a vocation for farming”. Since, she continued, “consumers now consider the farming-food product origin as highly important”, the idea to promote the local area and convey the brand through its local character is guiding the company’s communication strategy: “We decided to put territorial marketing actions into place, combining corporate social responsibility with our core business”, said Rossella Ferro. In February the company launched a national TV campaign combined with a program called Molise Calling, meeting with buyers and traditional and web influencers. Network. The project attracted the attention of local agencies who soon became partners in a public-private mix. Above all, the initiative let us create an informal network between local companies: “We created, and are guiding, a network with other excellent manufacturers with Molise Calling. Joining a network creates synergies, values, widespread innovation”, concluded Ferro.

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