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Monday 9 May |17.00-19.00 | Teatro Regio of Parma the Conference “Business model and strategies”

During the days of Cibus 2016, there is FOOD SUMMIT 2016, gala event which will take palce a Parma Monday 9 May (first day of CIBUS) at 17.00 at Teatro Regio. Titled Italian Food: Seize the Moment – Business Models and Strategies to Tackle International Markets, the Summit will be an opportunity to analyze scenarios, strategies and business models to better manage the development of italian food in international markets. Number1 sponsors the event that sees, among the speakers: Maura Latini of Coop Italia and Gianmario Tondato by Ruos of Autogrill, Alex Tosolini of Kroger and Thomas Gellert of Atalanta corporation, Mario Paez Villarreal of Campofrio Food Group, Massimo Tuzzi of Zonin 1821, Gianpietro Corbari of Granarolo, Alessandro Felici of Evlonet Group.
On the role of the institutions to accompany business growth abroad will intervene Gaetano Miccichè General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo and Banca IMI, Luigi Scordamaglia President of Federalimentare and Antonio Celie, CEO of Fiere di Parma. Also awaited a speech by the Minister Maurizio Martina. Close the sessions Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly.


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Number1 subscribes #parmaiocisto

Number1 is a signatory to #parmaiocisto, long-term initiative promoted by Associazione Parma 2020 (with headquarters a Parma in ponte Caprazucca 6) to support and fuel the revitalization of the area. The goal is to enhance on Parma as city and province dynamic, projected into a future of socio-economic welfare, focusing on livability and intellectual vivacity. “Parma, io ci sto!” is a project dedicated to the future of Parma, for current and future generations can be lucky enough to receive an area rich in values, opportunities and talents with which to continue this journey.  The project was presented to a hundred representatives ideals of Parma that “not giving up”: intellectuals, athletes, scientists, students, professionals, managers. The founders of the Association “Parma 2020” is Barilla Spa, Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa, Dallara Automobili Spa, Fondazione Cariparma and Unione Parmense degli Industriali with the aim to act directly for the future of the territory.

How did the initiative was born #parmaiocisto

Once Parma was a wealthy provincial town. Here Parma saw the light the first newspaper of Italy, Giuseppe Verdi, Arturo Toscanini, Attilio Bertolucci and other geniuses of music and poetry were born and raised in a place where history has left its mark. Here was recognized the food culture: the city that brought the best of Italian food in the world, was today awarded the title of “Creative City of Gastronomy UNESCO”.

After a period of stagnation, Parma rekindles the engines and create a new energy. Institutions, citizens and representatives of the business world have chosen to get involved by focusing on those excellence that have always been the added value of this territory: agribusiness, training and innovation, music and culture, tourism and recreation. The campaign #parmaiocisto started with writing about Manifesto per Parma that encapsulates the aims of the project. Among the first 100 signers reading illustrious names of entrepreneurs but also representatives of the school, sport, music, University and trade

This is just the beginning of a campaign that sees so involved some citizens alongside familiar faces who recognize in Parma their city. People who love her and Parma lives and that, for this, wanted to get involved to say. #parmaiocisto. As entrapeneurs of Number1.

THE GOOD FOOD, OUR CULTURE, TOURISM AND RECREATION, THE TRAINING AND THE INNOVATION, there are four chapters of Manifesto per Parma initialled by the signatory parmensi parmigiani and 100 of all ages: entrepreneurs, students, traders, gathered symbolically to return to the city of Parma international recognition of uniqueness.


Number1 sottoscrive #Parmaiocisto

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5-05|Flexible packing Conference

Number1 will attend the Conference “THE INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY OF FLEXIBLE PACKAGING IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY” organized by Confapindustria Piacenza, scheduled for Thursday 5 May 2016 at the Conference Room of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza (Via Emilia Parmense, 84 – 29122 Piacenza). Andrea Sacchi, Customer Solution Manager Number 1 Logistics Group S.p.a. will bring its contribution to the thematic session of 12.20 about trends of logistics in the agro-industrial sector and the possible effects on flexible packaging.

To register for the Conference, send request to:



5-05|Convegno packaging flessibile



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